Brief Artistic Resumé

Graduated from the University of Ottawa, Canada, Visual Arts and Communications Departments. Studied sculpting techniques in Carrara, Italy.

Selected Exhibitions

  • Gallery Telpaz, Ottawa, Canada.
  • Fondation Avicenne, Paris France.
  • Vorpal Gallery, New York.
  • Intesa BCI, Toronto, Canada.
  • Alliance Française, Ottawa, Canada.
  • The John Baird Gallery, Toronto, Canada.

Selected collections

  • Fondation Avicenne, Paris France.
  • City of Ottawa Corporate Collection.
  • Canadian Museum of History; Gatineau, Canada.
  • Bernard Charpentier collection, Paris, France.
  • Clover Insurance collection, Toronto, Canada.
  • T.W. Tomlinson collection, Ottawa, Canada.
  • A.Napoli collection, Bari, Italy.
  • Several other collection in the Salento region of Italy.

Selected publications, essays  and Interviews

Language of gesture key element in the artist’s work” by A. King.
Moving with the Muse” by Angela Marcus.
Opinioni, La Scultura di Dolores De Pretto
Participant in several radio and television arts and culture programs.

Participation in the arts community

Founding member of the National Capital Network of Sculptors.
Member of CARFAC.
Past Member of the Board of the Council for the Arts in Ottawa.
Membership in several cultural and arts associations.